Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Had a good trip to Oklahoma and Texas over the weekend.  First stop was at Mappes Durocs.  Might have seen the most impressive set of red sows in one place.  The Crown Royal babies really look to be the real deal.  Traveling across the green terrain of Oklahoma on I-40, I found myself in Amarillo.  My second and last stop was at Stephens Farms.  Two new boars that I looked at were WTF and Hot Wheels.  Both boars sure did not disappoint.  If need to add some width and muscle, I would look at Hot Wheels.  If you need flesh and bone, you may want to look at WTF.  It was nice to see they are still working on improving I-40 west of Oklahoma City.  Should be alot less bumpy when they are finished.  Good to cows are moving back south to graze on the new green grasses in the south. (Good thing they have gotten some rain)  Have a good week!

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  1. Greg, curious to hear what your thoughts are on Nuclear War or Power Wagon?