Monday, February 27, 2012

Research BEFORE you get your project !!!

As we sit around the super table and discuss with our family members about the possiblity of purchasing a showpig project, the first word that comes to mind is RESEARCH. As a family starting out we need to research what it is that we are getting ready to jump into. Here is a short list that we need to research before we make a decision-
1.) Budget
2.) Facilities
3.) What breed/breeds of showpigs make since for the families situation.
4.) Genetics
Some that read this will say, "wait there is a lot more than this." And i agree 100%, however these are some of the first steps that we often skip over, because of all colorful ads and flashy graphics that we see in magazines or on the web. With a lot days to follow after this post, we ellabarate on each of these items and take them into more detail. Hopefully this post will help generate some thoughts, questions and answers. Feel free to comment or email me. We encourage participation, wheather it is positive or negative. Look forward to many more days, months and years of open discussions reguarding showpigs. One thing to remember about those that are sucessful, its not only making sure you are recieving the right information, its how you precieve and implement that information. That is what seperates those who are grabbin banners from the rest of the crowd.

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